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WHat is
Sleep Apnoea?

During sleep our muscles relax causing our tongue and jaw to drop. This temporarily blocks the airways resulting in a snoring sound & reduced oxygen intake. Sleep Apnoea is said to occur when your breathing is interrupted due to the blockage in your airways. People with untreated Sleep Apnoea stop breathing several times during sleep, resulting in a feeling of poor sleep. 

Why to treat
Sleep Apnoea?

Your Sleep Apnoea treatment can benefit you as well as your family


Treating your Sleep Apnoea is elaborate but simple process once you get to understand it.


30 minutes consultation meeting to understand our Snoring Snooze solution.


At home an overnight sleep study is required to analyze your snoring & sleep Apnoea patterns


A detailed report and analysis is provided, based on which an appropriate treatment is suggested


Sleep Apnoea can be treated either with Weight loss, Dental Snore Guard or Auto CPAP Machine

for Sleep Apnoea

Depending on the sleep analysis Sleep Apnoea can be treated without medications with one of the following options:

Weight loss treatment for sleep apnoea


If the snoring issue is due to body weight and there is no other co-morbidities, then weight loss treatment can help.

Dental Snore guard treatment for sleep apnoea

Dental Snore Guard

For mild to moderate grade of sleep apnoea we recommend dental snore guard. Dental snore guard holds the jaws together to keep the airway open.

Auto CPAP Machine treatment for sleep apnoea

Auto CPAP Machine

This solution is recommended for moderate to severe grade Apnoeas. Auto CPAP Machine blows air into your nose & mouth, thereby keeping your airways open at all times.

Snore Snooze Solutions is a gift of health to you and your family.